Obama 2012?

Please Barak, spare us. Spare the Democrats from the monumental effort that will be required to spin your Presidency in a positive light. Spare those who still mistakenly believe that you are an agent of "hope and change". Spare Third Party supporters from the nonsense that a vote for anyone but you is a wasted vote.

Like it or not, Obama is part of the problem. In 2012, un-elect every Democrat, Republican, and Corporate Astroturf Tea-Bagger that appears on your ballot. All of the above are nothing less than puppets of the Dark Forces.

Obama begins bid for second term: A president of war and social reaction
By Patrick Martin
5 April 2011

US President Barack Obama announced his candidacy for reelection in 2012 in a video statement posted on the Internet Monday and delivered via e-mail. He became the first candidate to formally declare for the 2012 presidential election, filing papers with the Federal Election Commission, a legal requirement to begin campaign fundraising.

Obama has already been dubbed the “billion-dollar candidate,” since his campaign is expected to be the first in US history to raise and spend that enormous sum. The number is appropriate and symbolic, given that the Obama presidency has served the billionaires at the expense of American working people.

The financial aristocracy—and Wall Street in particular—backed Obama heavily over Republican John McCain in 2008, as he raked in a record $779 million in contributions, more than double the previous record set by George W. Bush in 2004. Despite claims that this fundraising edge was due to a surge in small donations, the majority of both Obama’s primary campaign and general election funding came from those able to contribute $1,000 or more.


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