Rare Interview! Steven Greer & David Wilcock

Dr. Greer and David Wilcock share many of the same ideas about the importance of shifting our paradigm to accept the importance of our connection thru consciousness. No shortage of wonderful ideas from both of them of the importance of this shift and how it can happen. This is one of the rare times they have recorded a discussion together. A treat for all!


OPPT counters the critics

 Recently, a number of critics have raised questions and concerns or have even made blatant mis-statements regarding OPPT. Listen on as the criticisms are addressed point-by-point.

Oppt-IN 03/04 by FreedomReigns | Blog Talk Radio


OPPT-IN's Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf & Mel Ve

This is a recorded interview with Heather Jarraf-Tucci, a pivitol soul in the formation of the One Peoples' Public Trust. Recorded 16 February 2013

Official websites: http://www.peoplestrust1776.org

OPPT-IN Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf & Mel Ve


OPPT-IN Forecloses on Banks, Governments via UCC

February 04, 2013

The One People’s Public Trust today is alerting each man, woman, and child on this planet that banks and corporations operating under the guise of the people’s governments have been foreclosed upon by their own free will. The titles, ownership, and rights of these corporations and all their assets are now duly secured and held in trust for the one people of this planet, equally.

Multiple investigations uncovered evidence of principals, agents, and beneficiaries of a slavery system that knowingly performed substantial and systemic deceptive acts and practices, fraud, theft, and commandeering of the value of the one people of this planet without their knowing, willing and intentional consent. Based on the record of this slavery system, The Public Trust lawfully and legally duly registered the foreclosure, judgment, and remedy against these corporations for the damages made and done against the people of this planet that they have damaged.

This action is the outcome of multiple-year investigations. People of the planet, on every country, may have a financial interest in the assets of these former principals, agents, and beneficiaries of the foreclosed corporations and banks. Interested people everywhere on this planet are encouraged to investigate this matter on their own. See www.oppt-in.com.

The Public Trust asserts what is: that each man, woman, and child has unalienable value and rights granted and deposited in them by the Creator and not any one of the people is subordinate to any artificial principality, corporate fiction or the special interest of another without their appropriate knowing, willing and intentional consent made by contract or accommodation agreement. The Public Trust expressed that which already was.

The people have already determined and demanded that public banking systems, national governments, and their supporting judicial systems must be fully transparent, accountable, and liable. The Public Trust has secured the value for all concerned, for all People are created equal.

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