Hoagland Update on Norway Spiral/Missile Test

Richard Hoagland has just published part two of his analysis of the Norway Spiral phenomenon and it's link to the Russian missile test that "went bad". Turns out, the test was quite a success afterall. Read on to see where the research is leading. 2010 could become quite an interesting year indeed.

A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway?
Part II
by Richard C. Hoagland

While we at Enterprise have independently proven to our satisfication that the Russians did, indeed, launch a missile from the White Sea that Wednesday morning ... and, that the tell-tale signs of that event were unquestionable captured on both Norwegian images and videos of the Spiral and its aftermath--

What we have not established by this analysis is any physical evidence that the Bulava was, in fact, directly involved in the generation of the Spiral.


Wilcock: Norway Spiral indicates Disclosure is Imminent

In his latest report, David Wilcock links the twin events of December 9: the Norway Spiral and a UFO sighting over Moscow with the global economic collapse currently underway. Could these events signal the rise of a new power faction with the aim of ending of the status quo in order to usher in a new paradigm of consciousness and understanding?


Last year's shockingly sudden economic collapse -- and the unmitigated political disaster of the short-term bailouts that were handed out to the usual suspects -- is a strong piece of supporting evidence to suggest that the money simply isn't there anymore to finance the enormous political / military / corporate machine required to keep this enormous secret under wraps.

No one holding the reins of power would have let something as grotesquely embarrassing as the bailouts occur... potentially leading to the revolutionary overthrow of their own corporate and governmental authority... unless they'd had no other choice. It's the very simple logic of power -- Never Let 'Em See You Sweat. The supporting evidence makes that case very, very clearly.

We may very well be about to discover, as a planet, that the UFO phenomenon is not a hoax, not a fantasy, nor a delusion -- but a very real situation that has been ongoing since well before human beings ever walked the face of the Earth.

Since this entire game is still being played behind the scenes, it can be easy to overlook the stunning clues that have emerged, particularly in more recent times -- but that's precisely why we wrote this paper. Once we have a greater understanding of what we're looking at -- in events that may at first seem completely mysterious, random and inexplicable -- the case becomes extremely compelling.

Some of the key factions involved in this grand football game are tired of waiting. They're playing for keeps. No more treating us like children. This is it. Game over. Childhood's End. We need to know the truth -- and we need it now.


The End of Money

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization
The prevailing money system has brought humanity to the brink of disaster in many different ways. It is the money system that defines how our economies work and has set them on an unsustainable growth-oriented trajectory. Today it is the "money power" that rules the world:

I have argued that control of money and exchange mechanisms is the key structural element that determines the distribution of power, and that it must be the main focus if any degree of community empowerment and self-determination is to be achieved. A money monopoly, whether in private hands or government controlled, is inimical to freedom and equity.

In order to realise a new monetary paradigm, money-as-we-know-it needs to be "depoliticised." This can only be accomplished by the separation of money and the state. Under the current arrangement the banking cartel creates money as debt and charges interest on it while governments get to spend as much as they want without regard to tax revenues. Legal tender laws and banking regulations endow the banking cartel with the exclusive power to issue money (as debt), which we are forced to use (through legal tender laws). The collusion between political power and financial power is the root cause of the mega-crises facing humanity.



HAARP/Project Blue Beam lights up Norway sky

A mysterious spiral of light appeared in the sky above Norway last week and the MSM quickly explained it away as a Russian missile test gone bad. Of course, they all failed to note that the area directly below the spiral is a HAARP site, an ionospheric heating facility, capable of transmitting over 1 GW effective radiated power. Gee, the info is on Wikipedia, one has to wonder why the press decided to leave this important information out of their reporting.

Here is David Wilcock's take on the event in an interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot:

See also:
A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway?
by Richard C. Hoagland


Cash only movement is picking up steam

New underground economy

The underground or "black" economy is rapidly rising, and the fault is mainly due to government policies. Here is the evidence.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) released a report last week concluding that 7.7 percent of U.S. households, containing at least 17 million adults, are unbanked (i.e. those who do not have bank accounts), and an "estimated 17.9 percent of U.S. households, roughly 21 million, are underbanked" (i.e., those who rely heavily on nonbank institutions, such as check cashing and money transmitting services).


Join the Movement. Use Cash!

For years, the financial elites have cynically referred to us as "consumers" rather than the people, citizens, and human beings.

Now it's time to strike back and show these blood-sucking parasites where their true place is: at the service of the People.

Big Banking is out of control.  Many corporate financial institutions, considered too big to fail, received a share of a trillion dollars of taxpayer money.  To thank us, they are hiking interest rates on existing credit card debt, lowering and cancelling small business credit lines, and imposing more and higher fees and penalties with impunity.

As taxpayers, workers, citizens and merchants we can fight back.  Not with letters to the editor nor with calls to our government representatives.  There is an easy, immediate and direct path toward banking and monetary reform that benefits people, not corporations, through everyday transactions in the marketplace.

Use cash.


Bank Holiday just around the corner?

Project Camelot in a recent interview with Benjamin Fulford, reports that a United States of America (as a corporation) and Federal Reserve Note (AKA US Dollars) crash is imminent and that insiders within the Obama administration have leaked that national bank holidays are imminent, possibly as soon as January 15. Up to 70 banks are expected to fail between now and then, and the FDIC is already bankrupt. This will create quite a crisis.

A bank holiday means that you will have NO access to money in your bank accounts, for a period of a day or even several, while the government reorganizes the banks and possibly even replaces the current scrip with new scrip. Should Federal Reserve Notes crash, that may not make any difference anyway, since your dollars in their banks will become practically worthless overnight. This could be the genesis of the Amero.

Over the past several years there has been quite a bit of chatter that such as crash is coming.

Do what you can now to plan ahead. Stock up on food, medical supplies, land, seeds, alternative energy, machinery, gold, silver and anything else that will hold tangible value over the long term.


Business man gives it up for the simple life

Former businessman lives on no money for a year

A businessman gave up his career to live on no money for a year after becoming disillusioned with consumerism. 

By Ben Leach

Mark Boyle said giving up his job, possessions and money to live the life of a pauper in a rusty old caravan was the best decision he has ever made.

The 30-year-old has vowed to continue with his money-free life for good, adding: "It’s been fantastic. I never really knew how much stress and worry money brought to my life until I was free of it.

“People often ask me if I miss my old world... stress, traffic jams, bank statements, utility bills... why would I miss any of that? Now I’ve tasted life without money I never want to go back to the way I lived before.” 


The Credit Card Financial Prison

My thoughts on the credit card debt scam precisely. Enjoy the read and get off the plastic.

FICO and the Credit Card Financial Prison: How a Three Digit Credit Score Reflects Consumerism and not Financial Independence.

Americans carry $900 billion in credit card debt.  Approximately 75 percent of all those eligible for credit, those that are 18 years or older, have a credit rating score at any given time.  This mysterious three digit score named a FICO Score is the basis for loans, interest rates, and should reflect your ability to manage debt.  Yet this is one of those confusing public relation developed ideas that tries to water down the fact that going into debt is somehow good for average Americans.  Not only is going into debt good, you now have a credit score that is supposed to be some kind of financial report card.

Like the rating agencies labeling crap mortgage backed securities as “AAA” and turning out to be more like “FFF” people need to examine the entire system from the ground up.  The credit card industry is gouging the living daylights out of consumers as the unemployment and underemployment rate hits 17.5 percent. You would think that the banking sector that owes its life to the American taxpayer for bailing it out would have some sympathy.  Instead, the new Wall Street oligarchy is running the show and we have new feudal lords running this country.  The credit card is merely your key into the kingdom of serfdom.


Abandon All Hope

Point for point, it was complete and utter bullshit.

In a bizarre address to the nation that reads like a channeled diktat by predecessor George W. Bush, President Obama tonight attempted to rationalize the escalation of his inherited war in Afghanistan.

Bilderberg servant that his is, he dutifully conjures images of CIA-manufactured enemy "Al-Qaida" in a feeble effort to cover for his compete and utter betrayal of the loyal "progressive" base that ushered him in to office. Tonight, all Democrats must be shame-faced that once again, they have been duped by such a great, empty promise.

Make no mistake about it: President Barak Obama is in the full grip and control of the military-industrial complex and will continue to pursue a global agenda first initiated by Bill Clinton and furthered to a fascist extreme  by "43". There will be NO relief for the unemployed (except to serve as paid cannon fodder for the financial elites), there will be NO shelter for the foreclosed and now homeless, there will be NO rescue for those drowning in a debt trap that was set by the Federal Reserve, and there will be NO food for the rest of us who will go hungry.

As it has been said over and over again, Afghanistan is the Graveyard of Empires. So will it be for the United States of America and her people who have been led like sheep to slaughter. The great unraveling has begun. It is no wonder that sales of guns and ammunition is skyrocketing during this supposed season of Peace on Earth.

Read the complete text of President Barak Obama's address on Afghanistan at West Point