Join the Movement. Use Cash!

For years, the financial elites have cynically referred to us as "consumers" rather than the people, citizens, and human beings.

Now it's time to strike back and show these blood-sucking parasites where their true place is: at the service of the People.

Big Banking is out of control.  Many corporate financial institutions, considered too big to fail, received a share of a trillion dollars of taxpayer money.  To thank us, they are hiking interest rates on existing credit card debt, lowering and cancelling small business credit lines, and imposing more and higher fees and penalties with impunity.

As taxpayers, workers, citizens and merchants we can fight back.  Not with letters to the editor nor with calls to our government representatives.  There is an easy, immediate and direct path toward banking and monetary reform that benefits people, not corporations, through everyday transactions in the marketplace.

Use cash.

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