Bank Holiday just around the corner?

Project Camelot in a recent interview with Benjamin Fulford, reports that a United States of America (as a corporation) and Federal Reserve Note (AKA US Dollars) crash is imminent and that insiders within the Obama administration have leaked that national bank holidays are imminent, possibly as soon as January 15. Up to 70 banks are expected to fail between now and then, and the FDIC is already bankrupt. This will create quite a crisis.

A bank holiday means that you will have NO access to money in your bank accounts, for a period of a day or even several, while the government reorganizes the banks and possibly even replaces the current scrip with new scrip. Should Federal Reserve Notes crash, that may not make any difference anyway, since your dollars in their banks will become practically worthless overnight. This could be the genesis of the Amero.

Over the past several years there has been quite a bit of chatter that such as crash is coming.

Do what you can now to plan ahead. Stock up on food, medical supplies, land, seeds, alternative energy, machinery, gold, silver and anything else that will hold tangible value over the long term.

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