Abandon All Hope

Point for point, it was complete and utter bullshit.

In a bizarre address to the nation that reads like a channeled diktat by predecessor George W. Bush, President Obama tonight attempted to rationalize the escalation of his inherited war in Afghanistan.

Bilderberg servant that his is, he dutifully conjures images of CIA-manufactured enemy "Al-Qaida" in a feeble effort to cover for his compete and utter betrayal of the loyal "progressive" base that ushered him in to office. Tonight, all Democrats must be shame-faced that once again, they have been duped by such a great, empty promise.

Make no mistake about it: President Barak Obama is in the full grip and control of the military-industrial complex and will continue to pursue a global agenda first initiated by Bill Clinton and furthered to a fascist extreme  by "43". There will be NO relief for the unemployed (except to serve as paid cannon fodder for the financial elites), there will be NO shelter for the foreclosed and now homeless, there will be NO rescue for those drowning in a debt trap that was set by the Federal Reserve, and there will be NO food for the rest of us who will go hungry.

As it has been said over and over again, Afghanistan is the Graveyard of Empires. So will it be for the United States of America and her people who have been led like sheep to slaughter. The great unraveling has begun. It is no wonder that sales of guns and ammunition is skyrocketing during this supposed season of Peace on Earth.

Read the complete text of President Barak Obama's address on Afghanistan at West Point

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