GrUnCH Time at Space Mountain

by George Ure
Urban Survival.com

Several readers asked me why I didn't mention colleague Clif's newest about the GrUnCH just ahead in Monday's report. Answer? As a holiday, we had less readers expected Monday and so all this talk about GrUnCHing best fits when we're all around the morning breakfast fire, warming our innards and bracing for more of same-o. But, now that we've made it to key pseudo-mystical 11:11:11 and we'll cautiously watch the clock around 11:11:11 this morning, it's as good a time as any to go read "Yo, Grunch just Ahead!"

So to begin, a GrUnCH is a Gross Universal Cash Heist. This is a term that arose from the researches of Buckminster Fuller, father of the geodesic dome and lots of other cool technology, much of which was suppressed because while it was tres cool from the human standpoint, it was not profit optimizing from the standpoint of thems that pull of GrUnCH'es, which is to say the small portion of humans (less than 5%) that own nigh on to 90% of all wealth.

Which is how R. Buckminster Fuller came to his conclusion back when that there were unseen forces, sort of like the malevolent version Adam Smith's invisible hand, that periodically reached out and ripped off much of what society would otherwise put to use making forward progress.

And this relates to contemporary events how? Well, seems we're in one of those periods when a GrUnCH could be in the offing. The problem for most of us is we kind of "see" it in advance, and we know the likely outcome - that's leaking back into the here and now from the future already (hence why it shows up in the latest Shape of Things to Come reports so strongly, and continues to build in immediacy values with a kind of temporal dart landing around October 17th-ish, but we shall sit back and watch for it.

The thinking, amongst those who see GrUnCH in advance, is that larger and larger events are being used to separate people from their life savings and more and more extreme news items are used to install a GrUnCH-supportive ongoing system of tribute extraction. Some of the "tools of tribute/tax" are wars, the "security state", polarization politics, religious friction, drug control, and so forth.

In the end, it seems (to me, anyway) built on the notion that humans are best managed by segmentation - the old us-versus-them game. Works in war, security matters, religious affairs, sociopolitical labels (communism is dead and gone yet the labels keep getting recycled to press public "hot buttons") and the ever-popular partisan politics and institutional racism.


The aware observer, given the time to surf the net and pull ideas out of it, has a number of specific mechanisms to consider when pondering how the GrUnCH will be packaged and promoted. Some leading candidates are:

Given there has been much talk that the Japan "earthquake" was really a thermonuclear device, then is there a location or locations where another such ploy could be used to create even more devastation? Answer: Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands which are rumbling away in a most worrisome fashion. You can go to the regional seismographs here where you can see how Station El Hierro - CHE is already looking active and keep an eye on Station La Palme - EHIG because if that shakes, then its time to ponder how to survive a 100-200 foot wave in New York City. While America has dandy resilience in backup of financial information, I wonder how a 100 foot wave washing Wall Street would work into plans of those looking to heist a generation of savings, or, given that's already done, how much in the way of "covering their tracks" would such an event provide?

Another grim one to consider is the recent discovery that Reaper and Predatory drones are infected with a computer virus. The problem is that the virus so far seems benign, but as any hacker knows, that points to a key logger program which has likely been learning all about operation of the drones and at some point, malicious code could be developed and installed to hijack the drones. Now, once that happens, who would take over the drones, where would they go and what could they do? My personal nightmare case is multiple drones would be "jacked" over Afghanistan/Pakistan simultaneously, and flown somewhere like southwest Libya where Gadhafi is reported hiding out. Is he in Sirte, or is that a feint? With a range of 5,200 miles (plus) and mission payloads of 750-3,000 pounds (depends on model) that could put our drones, hijacked, refueled, rearmed and repurposed, within range of the eastern US. Some nightmare, huh? Got your assortment of ex-Soviet MIRV parts floating about, and I don't think I need to remind you of that Barksdale B-52 case, do I?

Simple catastrophic collapse, which Europe is well along the way on without any conspiracy necessary. New strikes in Greece and all it will take would be a Slovakia veto and we're back into the midst of a Merkel-jerk, which seems designed to allow Germany time to complete planning for a reintroduced Deutsche Mark.

"Fine so far, we get most of it, but what's this crap about Space Mountain?" you're thinking.

Space Mountain - if you haven't been to Disneyland or Disney World is (according to Wikipedia):

"...an indoor outer space-themed steel roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It opened on January 15, 1975 and is the original version of the iconic attraction that is included in all five of the Disney theme parks worldwide. With the closure of Cypress Gardens in 2009, Space Mountain is the oldest operating roller coaster in the state of Florida."

What separates Space Mountain from most coasters is the wonderful control of visual cuing: Much of the ride is inside and in the dark which makes it either more scary, or even cooler to those of us who like the ride, since conventional coasters provide plenty of visual cues as to what to expect next. With me?

So how does this relate to the GrUnCH, at least theory-wise? Well, in order for the perps of the GrUnCH to get maximum benefit, whatever tool is used will need to be one that locks people's money in place and which ideally, provides plausible deniability when the money is somehow not there.

Take 9/11, for example: Hard to trace the what - I trust you remember the question about all the gold in the basement at 4 WTC? And the insurance and the bonds involved...

One could argue - and conspiracy theorists to (ad nauseum) that with all the insurance, bonds, financial products, gold, and the foundation of the security state, 9/11 was a GrUnCH all by itself. Kicked off wars - did all kinds of economy-boosting stuff to those at the top of the heap.

So what will the next one be? Fine question, but as in the example of Space Mountain, which is a fine thought tool for this kind of ride, the idea is specifically not to give the public too many visual cues as to what's coming.

Face it: If there's a 100-foot series of waves washing over Florida and a 100-footer due to roll into New York Harbor off Cumbre Vieja in a half hour, the last thing you're going to think of doing is wiring all your money from your NY-based IRA fund to some Asian money center. Number of people with that kind of presence of mind is nearly....wait for it.....zero!

So the event must be BIG. More to the point, it must be unexpected which no doubt it will be to 99.99% of folks. Those in the know will have already been clued-in prior to the GrUnCH so they will be fine, and besides, even if you got your IRA moved to a West Coast operation, it wouldn't matter, the total devastation of the East Coast from the tsunami (just to pick one from our suspect list) would be such that government would be self-justified to impose Draconian measures, like retroactive taxes due, on IRA's and whatever, since it would be required to "Rebuild America!"

OK, I get that. Just like the people in Japan are being systematically killed off because of high radiation readings.;..they're already partisans in the War with the GrUnCH without even being given the courtesy of disclosure, but then again, who said the battle for control of the planet would be played by "public rules?"

Interesting, once one gets to thinking in these terms, there are some serious follow-on things that come to mind, including the redefinition of words like "Revolution" and more important, particularly because it self-limit our fine military from properly defending us, there's a whole specialized/limited kind of thought meme out there that limits military thinking in such a way as to become GrUnCH-blind, but more on these matters tomorrow in Peoplenomics.

For now, the thought-tool GrUnCH, Space Mountain, and how vulnerable to confiscation are any of your assets is probably enough to ruin breakfast.

Sorry 'bout that.