GEAB: Disaster Ahead for the USA 2012-2016

As usual, their outlook appears to be spot-on.

GEAB N°60 Global systemic crisis – USA 2012/2016: An insolvent and ungovernable country

As announced in previous GEABs, in this issue our team presents its anticipations on the changes in the United States for the period 2012-2016. This country, the epicentre of the global systemic crisis and pillar of the international system since 1945, will go through a particularly tragic in its history during these five years. Already insolvent it will become ungovernable bringing about, for Americans and those who depend on the United States violent and destructive economic, financial, monetary, geopolitical and social shocks. If the United States today is already very different from the "super-power" of 2006, the year the first GEAB was published, announcing the global systemic crisis and the end of the all-powerful US, the changes we anticipate for the 2012-2016 period are even more important, and will radically transform the country's institutional system, its social fabric and its economic and financial weight.

At the same time, every December, we evaluate our anticipations for the year just ended. This exercise, too rarely practiced by the think tanks, experts and media (1) is a tool enabling our subscribers (2) as well as our researchers to verify that our work retains a high added-value and and is in direct contact with reality. This year our score improved slightly and LEAP/E2020 attained an 82% success rate in its anticipations for 2011.

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Nov. 1 Interview with Clif High of HalfPastHuman.com

What's ahead? The web bot project's Clif High explains in this eight-part interview.


GrUnCH Time at Space Mountain

by George Ure
Urban Survival.com

Several readers asked me why I didn't mention colleague Clif's newest about the GrUnCH just ahead in Monday's report. Answer? As a holiday, we had less readers expected Monday and so all this talk about GrUnCHing best fits when we're all around the morning breakfast fire, warming our innards and bracing for more of same-o. But, now that we've made it to key pseudo-mystical 11:11:11 and we'll cautiously watch the clock around 11:11:11 this morning, it's as good a time as any to go read "Yo, Grunch just Ahead!"

So to begin, a GrUnCH is a Gross Universal Cash Heist. This is a term that arose from the researches of Buckminster Fuller, father of the geodesic dome and lots of other cool technology, much of which was suppressed because while it was tres cool from the human standpoint, it was not profit optimizing from the standpoint of thems that pull of GrUnCH'es, which is to say the small portion of humans (less than 5%) that own nigh on to 90% of all wealth.

Which is how R. Buckminster Fuller came to his conclusion back when that there were unseen forces, sort of like the malevolent version Adam Smith's invisible hand, that periodically reached out and ripped off much of what society would otherwise put to use making forward progress.

And this relates to contemporary events how? Well, seems we're in one of those periods when a GrUnCH could be in the offing. The problem for most of us is we kind of "see" it in advance, and we know the likely outcome - that's leaking back into the here and now from the future already (hence why it shows up in the latest Shape of Things to Come reports so strongly, and continues to build in immediacy values with a kind of temporal dart landing around October 17th-ish, but we shall sit back and watch for it.

The thinking, amongst those who see GrUnCH in advance, is that larger and larger events are being used to separate people from their life savings and more and more extreme news items are used to install a GrUnCH-supportive ongoing system of tribute extraction. Some of the "tools of tribute/tax" are wars, the "security state", polarization politics, religious friction, drug control, and so forth.

In the end, it seems (to me, anyway) built on the notion that humans are best managed by segmentation - the old us-versus-them game. Works in war, security matters, religious affairs, sociopolitical labels (communism is dead and gone yet the labels keep getting recycled to press public "hot buttons") and the ever-popular partisan politics and institutional racism.


The aware observer, given the time to surf the net and pull ideas out of it, has a number of specific mechanisms to consider when pondering how the GrUnCH will be packaged and promoted. Some leading candidates are:

Given there has been much talk that the Japan "earthquake" was really a thermonuclear device, then is there a location or locations where another such ploy could be used to create even more devastation? Answer: Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands which are rumbling away in a most worrisome fashion. You can go to the regional seismographs here where you can see how Station El Hierro - CHE is already looking active and keep an eye on Station La Palme - EHIG because if that shakes, then its time to ponder how to survive a 100-200 foot wave in New York City. While America has dandy resilience in backup of financial information, I wonder how a 100 foot wave washing Wall Street would work into plans of those looking to heist a generation of savings, or, given that's already done, how much in the way of "covering their tracks" would such an event provide?

Another grim one to consider is the recent discovery that Reaper and Predatory drones are infected with a computer virus. The problem is that the virus so far seems benign, but as any hacker knows, that points to a key logger program which has likely been learning all about operation of the drones and at some point, malicious code could be developed and installed to hijack the drones. Now, once that happens, who would take over the drones, where would they go and what could they do? My personal nightmare case is multiple drones would be "jacked" over Afghanistan/Pakistan simultaneously, and flown somewhere like southwest Libya where Gadhafi is reported hiding out. Is he in Sirte, or is that a feint? With a range of 5,200 miles (plus) and mission payloads of 750-3,000 pounds (depends on model) that could put our drones, hijacked, refueled, rearmed and repurposed, within range of the eastern US. Some nightmare, huh? Got your assortment of ex-Soviet MIRV parts floating about, and I don't think I need to remind you of that Barksdale B-52 case, do I?

Simple catastrophic collapse, which Europe is well along the way on without any conspiracy necessary. New strikes in Greece and all it will take would be a Slovakia veto and we're back into the midst of a Merkel-jerk, which seems designed to allow Germany time to complete planning for a reintroduced Deutsche Mark.

"Fine so far, we get most of it, but what's this crap about Space Mountain?" you're thinking.

Space Mountain - if you haven't been to Disneyland or Disney World is (according to Wikipedia):

"...an indoor outer space-themed steel roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It opened on January 15, 1975 and is the original version of the iconic attraction that is included in all five of the Disney theme parks worldwide. With the closure of Cypress Gardens in 2009, Space Mountain is the oldest operating roller coaster in the state of Florida."

What separates Space Mountain from most coasters is the wonderful control of visual cuing: Much of the ride is inside and in the dark which makes it either more scary, or even cooler to those of us who like the ride, since conventional coasters provide plenty of visual cues as to what to expect next. With me?

So how does this relate to the GrUnCH, at least theory-wise? Well, in order for the perps of the GrUnCH to get maximum benefit, whatever tool is used will need to be one that locks people's money in place and which ideally, provides plausible deniability when the money is somehow not there.

Take 9/11, for example: Hard to trace the what - I trust you remember the question about all the gold in the basement at 4 WTC? And the insurance and the bonds involved...

One could argue - and conspiracy theorists to (ad nauseum) that with all the insurance, bonds, financial products, gold, and the foundation of the security state, 9/11 was a GrUnCH all by itself. Kicked off wars - did all kinds of economy-boosting stuff to those at the top of the heap.

So what will the next one be? Fine question, but as in the example of Space Mountain, which is a fine thought tool for this kind of ride, the idea is specifically not to give the public too many visual cues as to what's coming.

Face it: If there's a 100-foot series of waves washing over Florida and a 100-footer due to roll into New York Harbor off Cumbre Vieja in a half hour, the last thing you're going to think of doing is wiring all your money from your NY-based IRA fund to some Asian money center. Number of people with that kind of presence of mind is nearly....wait for it.....zero!

So the event must be BIG. More to the point, it must be unexpected which no doubt it will be to 99.99% of folks. Those in the know will have already been clued-in prior to the GrUnCH so they will be fine, and besides, even if you got your IRA moved to a West Coast operation, it wouldn't matter, the total devastation of the East Coast from the tsunami (just to pick one from our suspect list) would be such that government would be self-justified to impose Draconian measures, like retroactive taxes due, on IRA's and whatever, since it would be required to "Rebuild America!"

OK, I get that. Just like the people in Japan are being systematically killed off because of high radiation readings.;..they're already partisans in the War with the GrUnCH without even being given the courtesy of disclosure, but then again, who said the battle for control of the planet would be played by "public rules?"

Interesting, once one gets to thinking in these terms, there are some serious follow-on things that come to mind, including the redefinition of words like "Revolution" and more important, particularly because it self-limit our fine military from properly defending us, there's a whole specialized/limited kind of thought meme out there that limits military thinking in such a way as to become GrUnCH-blind, but more on these matters tomorrow in Peoplenomics.

For now, the thought-tool GrUnCH, Space Mountain, and how vulnerable to confiscation are any of your assets is probably enough to ruin breakfast.

Sorry 'bout that.


The Handbook of Human Ownership

In celebration of "Independence Day", we give to you Stefan Molyneux's The Handbook of Human Ownership for your holiday weekend viewing. In order to break out of the system, it is important to understand the mythology that subconsciously manipulates you into acquiescence.


America's Cairo Moment - July 4th

America's Cairo Moment
4th of July
Expect Us

"Underwater mortgages that were fraudulently sold to them."

Here we stand on the precipice of financial and spiritual collapse. A filthy scourge has been allowed to infiltrate the homes of decent and upstanding people which deters us from living the way we would like. There comes a time in all of our lives where we must stand up for ourselves and our livelihoods - not only because of the crisis we are currently facing and the oppression we have been dealt; but for the livelihoods of our children, and the betterment of humanity as a whole.

Lenders have foreclosed on tens of thousands of homes in this great land we call the United States of America. These homes - now empty - were once lived in by everyday people like you and me that now have been cast aside and left to fend for themselves in a crumbling economy.

With unemployment at an all time high, we the People of this once great nation must unite and take our lives back; take back our self-esteem, and take back the glory that has been stolen from us via unethical means from these malicious banking magnates. As the "too big to fail" banks are bailed out with our hard earned tax-payer dollars we are made homeless and to suffer at the hands of immoral tyrants.

I ask you as the people of America: what will it take in order for you to stand up and be the the great and empowered citizens we once were?

The time is now! We can be the proud Americans we should be by rising up in spirit by making a stand and taking action. The Action we propose would be to default on your mortgage payments to show these degenerate bankers that they are here to serve the public interest - not to fleece the nation and line their own pockets with gold. While we struggle for bread and milk. In doing so, you should know that you are not alone: there are millions who have questions unanswered, and mouths that go unfed.

How many children go hungry in America every night? How many children go without health care and medicine because you are forced to pay a mortgage so they have a home to starve in?

These tyrannical practices can not continue. We must unite and take our money and power back from those that systematically and routinely run us into the gutter. We are reaching out to you in hopes that your own lives have not been tread upon to the point where you no longer have the will to fight for what is good, wholesome, and right. Please consider not paying your mortgage to show the banks that they do not own us.

We do not need banks, they need us.

Thank You People of The United States of America for your time and consideration.

Be well and happy!

Operation Empire State Rebellion

“Americans have a duty to ask critical questions about the operations of their financial institutions, and if evidence has been presented that a deal was made, but not everyone was playing by the rules, than those deals need to be looked at again. It is not good enough any longer to say, if it doesn’t affect “me” than, I’m not getting involved. We have a duty to one another as Americans, and more importantly as human beings, to care about truth and justice. What’s more, apathy, so long as we are not affected, is a short lived consolation. Ultimately, this crisis will affect everyone …” http://uleak.it/?3tj
Forum: http://www.fss34.com/opesr.html
RSVP: via Facebook Event
Tweet: Going To @OpESR / #July4 / #AnonOps / #RT/ @8presstorm8 / #NPR / #presstorm /
(full url=fss34.com/groundcontrol.html)
USE THE GROUND CONTROL PAGE (*as well as your preferred 'social networking tool) TO TELL THE WORLD WHATS GOING DOWN.

The Keiser Report: Economic Melt Through:


June 14 Action: Resisting Financial Tyranny

NOW is the time to defend liberty and democracy against financial tyranny. On Flag Day, June 14, remove your money from Wall Street's "too big to fail" banks. Stop funding their fraudulent subversion of our democracy.

June 14th is a national day of resistance against economic tyranny. We all need to do our part. The good folks at AmpedStatus.org have hosted this site: Acts of Resistance: What Are You Going To Do On June 14th to Rebel Against Economic Tyranny? Demonstrations and public actions are being planned in a number of cities.

If you cannot attend the public events, consider taking direct action against Wall Street and the "too big to fail" banks. Direct action boils down to this simple act: remove your money from their grasp. Your money fuels their exploitation, their fraud, their skimming, their lobbying and thus their sabotage of democracy. If we all take our money out of their grasp, then they will shrink or expire.



Speaking out against the Banking/Government nexus


Binaural Beats Chakra Balancing


Take this time for yourself. Clear your monkey mind, drop all worldly concerns, and meditate to attune yourself to cosmic consciousness.

Put a pair of headphones on and watch this.

This is what deep meditation feels like.


David Wilcock: HAARP, the Japan Earthquake, and Mississippi Flooding

The real battle that is being fought is for how you think and feel each day. Not about which faction gets to win control of the financial system. Not about whether Disclosure happens (and I do believe it will.)

Once you understand this, you can become an active participant in the solution. It doesn't require you to subscribe to anything, pay any money or even leave the house. All it requires is a positive attitude -- to have love be the primary force that runs through your thoughts, emotions and actions.

That is the real challenge we are being offered. That is the gift of life on Earth at this time. To see love where others can only see hate.

Without an understanding of the real nature of the game here on Earth, the fear-oriented propaganda that is being released can seem utterly overwhelming.



Osama bin Laden’s Second Death

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

If today were April 1 and not May 2, we could dismiss as an April fool’s joke this morning’s headline that Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight in Pakistan and quickly buried at sea. As it is, we must take it as more evidence that the US government has unlimited belief in the gullibility of Americans.

Think about it. What are the chances that a person allegedly suffering from kidney disease and requiring dialysis and, in addition, afflicted with diabetes and low blood pressure, survived in mountain hideaways for a decade? If bin Laden was able to acquire dialysis equipment and medical care that his condition required, would not the shipment of dialysis equipment point to his location? Why did it take ten years to find him?



Obama 2012?

Please Barak, spare us. Spare the Democrats from the monumental effort that will be required to spin your Presidency in a positive light. Spare those who still mistakenly believe that you are an agent of "hope and change". Spare Third Party supporters from the nonsense that a vote for anyone but you is a wasted vote.

Like it or not, Obama is part of the problem. In 2012, un-elect every Democrat, Republican, and Corporate Astroturf Tea-Bagger that appears on your ballot. All of the above are nothing less than puppets of the Dark Forces.

Obama begins bid for second term: A president of war and social reaction
By Patrick Martin
5 April 2011

US President Barack Obama announced his candidacy for reelection in 2012 in a video statement posted on the Internet Monday and delivered via e-mail. He became the first candidate to formally declare for the 2012 presidential election, filing papers with the Federal Election Commission, a legal requirement to begin campaign fundraising.

Obama has already been dubbed the “billion-dollar candidate,” since his campaign is expected to be the first in US history to raise and spend that enormous sum. The number is appropriate and symbolic, given that the Obama presidency has served the billionaires at the expense of American working people.

The financial aristocracy—and Wall Street in particular—backed Obama heavily over Republican John McCain in 2008, as he raked in a record $779 million in contributions, more than double the previous record set by George W. Bush in 2004. Despite claims that this fundraising edge was due to a surge in small donations, the majority of both Obama’s primary campaign and general election funding came from those able to contribute $1,000 or more.


Jesse Ventura tells it like it is


Clif High: La puissance de la mort

La puissance de la mort, or an invitation to a Shunning.....

Clif High

It does no good to be pissed about it.

You are dead. They murdered you, and you need to get beyond the anger that this knowledge brings. There is yet work you must do.

The powers that be, and their political minions have been working this plan since the 1950's when Japan was forced into the GE designed nuclear reactors as part of the imposition of TPTB hegemony at the end of the Second Planetary War of the 20th century. Also known to academicians as 'WW2', this war not only nominally ended with nuclear release, but has now, all these decades later, been 'reborn' with nuclear release in Fukushima. ThePowersThatBe (Rothshield banksters, Rockefeller banksters, big oil, big pharma, and small soul politicians, and all zionist supporters) are determined to kill off a major part of us humans over these next few years to suit their perceived needs. They likely have, in the Fukushima nuclear plant implosion and meltdown, murdered several million of us....we just do not yet recognize that we (the afflicted) are soon-to-be dead.



BofA Used Private Intel Firms to Discredit WikiLeaks

Shining the light on coakroaches tends to make them scurry. In Bank of America's case, the potential that WikiLeaks would shed light on their greed was enough for them to hire private intelligence/propaganda firms to discredit the entire whistleblowing operation.

How unfortunate for BoFA, HBGary Federal, Plantir and Berico that their own servers got hacked by Anonymous, who liberated their nefarious and underhanded plans to give WikiLeaks a bad reputation. That the Department of Justice was involved should be even more troubling to American citizens.

Bank of America using Private Intel Firms to Attack Wikileaks

In a document titled "The WikiLeaks Threat" three data intelligence companies, Plantir Technologies, HBGary Federal and Berico Technologies, outline a plan to attack Wikileaks. They are acting upon request from Hunton and Williams, a law firm working for Bank of America. The Department of Justice recommended the law firm to Bank of America according to an article in The Tech Herald. The prosed attacks on WikiLeaks according to the slides include these actions:
  • Feed the fuel between the feuding groups. Disinformation. Create messages around actions of sabotage or discredit the opposing organizations. Submit fake documents and then call out the error.
  • Create concern over the security of the infrastructure. Create exposure stories. If the process is believed not to be secure they are done.
  • Cyber attacks against the infrastructure to get data on document submitters. This would kill the project. Since the servers are now in Sweden and France putting a team together to get access is more straightforward.
  • Media campaign to push the radial and reckless nature of WikiLeaks activities. Sustain pressure. Does nothing for the fanatics, but creates concern and doubt among moderates.
  • Search for leaks. Use social media to profile and identify risky behavior of employees. 
More:  http://wikileaks.ch

Evil always loses in the end.


Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

The latest release from The Zeitgeist Movement.


Slaying the Usurers


1. the lending or practice of lending money at an exorbitant interest.
2. an exorbitant amount or rate of interest, esp. in excess of the legal rate.
3. Obsolete. interest paid for the use of money. 
 The time has come to strike back at the blood-sucking banks. If you are struggling pay off your credit cards, put food on the table, keep your lights on and rent paid, then you must now make a very important decision between personal survival and slavery. If you want to be a slave, keep paying those credit card bills. If you want to be free, watch this video and follow the steps as outlined at Stop Bank! USA

It's time to stop being a debt slave to Wall Street!


WikiLeaks: The Vitriol Must Stop


“WikiLeaks: treat incitement seriously or expect more Gabrielle Gifford killing sprees.”

Wikileaks today offered sympathy and condolences to the victims of the Tucson shooting together with best wishes for the recovery of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords. Giffords, a democrat from Arizona's 8th district, was the target of a shooting spree at a Jan 8 political event in which six others were killed.

Tucson Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, leading the investigation into the Gifford shooting, said that "vitriolic rhetoric" intended to "inflame the public on a daily basis ... has [an] impact on people, especially who are unbalanced personalities to begin with." Dupnik also observed that officials and media personalities engaging in violent rhetoric "have to consider that they have some responsibility when incidents like this occur and may occur in the future."

WikiLeaks staff and contributors have also been the target of unprecedented violent rhetoric by US prominent media personalities, including Sarah Palin, who urged the US administration to “Hunt down the WikiLeaks chief like the Taliban”. Prominent US politician Mike Huckabee called for the execution of WikiLeaks spokesman Julian Assange on his Fox News program last November, and Fox News commentator Bob Beckel, referring to Assange, publicly called for people to "illegally shoot the son of a bitch." US radio personality Rush Limbaugh has called for pressure to "Give [Fox News President Roger] Ailes the order and [then] there is no Assange, I'll guarantee you, and there will be no fingerprints on it.", while the Washington Times columnist Jeffery T. Kuhner titled his column “Assassinate Assange” captioned with a picture Julian Assange overlayed with a gun site, blood spatters, and “WANTED DEAD or ALIVE” with the alive crossed out.

John Hawkins of Townhall.com has stated "If Julian Assange is shot in the head tomorrow or if his car is blown up when he turns the key, what message do you think that would send about releasing sensitive American data?"

Christian Whiton in a Fox News opinion piece called for violence against WikiLeaks publishers and editors, saying the US should "designate WikiLeaks and its officers as enemy combatants, paving the way for non-judicial actions against them."

WikiLeaks spokesman Julian Assange said: "No organisation anywhere in the world is a more devoted advocate of free speech than Wikileaks but when senior politicians and attention seeking media commentators call for specific individuals or groups of people to be killed they should be charged with incitement -- to murder. Those who call for an act of murder deserve as significant share of the guilt as those raising a gun to pull the trigger."

“WikiLeaks has many young staff, volunteers and supporters in the same geographic vicinity as these the broadcast or circulation of these incitements to kill. We have also seen mentally unstable people travel from the US and other counties to other locations. Consequently we have to engage in extreme security measures.”

“We call on US authorities and others to protect the rule of law by aggressively prosecuting these and similar incitements to kill. A civil nation of laws can not have prominent members of society constantly calling for the murder and assassination of other individuals or groups.”

More examples:


Prognostications for 2011

Here's the emerging concensus:

Sharon Astyk: 2011 Predictions - A Savage Place
Gonzalo Lira: The Lull Before the Storm
Washington's Blog: The Municipal Meltdown - More than 100 US Cities Could Go Bust
Energy Bulletin: Predictions for 2011

More to come.