America's Cairo Moment - July 4th

America's Cairo Moment
4th of July
Expect Us

"Underwater mortgages that were fraudulently sold to them."

Here we stand on the precipice of financial and spiritual collapse. A filthy scourge has been allowed to infiltrate the homes of decent and upstanding people which deters us from living the way we would like. There comes a time in all of our lives where we must stand up for ourselves and our livelihoods - not only because of the crisis we are currently facing and the oppression we have been dealt; but for the livelihoods of our children, and the betterment of humanity as a whole.

Lenders have foreclosed on tens of thousands of homes in this great land we call the United States of America. These homes - now empty - were once lived in by everyday people like you and me that now have been cast aside and left to fend for themselves in a crumbling economy.

With unemployment at an all time high, we the People of this once great nation must unite and take our lives back; take back our self-esteem, and take back the glory that has been stolen from us via unethical means from these malicious banking magnates. As the "too big to fail" banks are bailed out with our hard earned tax-payer dollars we are made homeless and to suffer at the hands of immoral tyrants.

I ask you as the people of America: what will it take in order for you to stand up and be the the great and empowered citizens we once were?

The time is now! We can be the proud Americans we should be by rising up in spirit by making a stand and taking action. The Action we propose would be to default on your mortgage payments to show these degenerate bankers that they are here to serve the public interest - not to fleece the nation and line their own pockets with gold. While we struggle for bread and milk. In doing so, you should know that you are not alone: there are millions who have questions unanswered, and mouths that go unfed.

How many children go hungry in America every night? How many children go without health care and medicine because you are forced to pay a mortgage so they have a home to starve in?

These tyrannical practices can not continue. We must unite and take our money and power back from those that systematically and routinely run us into the gutter. We are reaching out to you in hopes that your own lives have not been tread upon to the point where you no longer have the will to fight for what is good, wholesome, and right. Please consider not paying your mortgage to show the banks that they do not own us.

We do not need banks, they need us.

Thank You People of The United States of America for your time and consideration.

Be well and happy!

Operation Empire State Rebellion

“Americans have a duty to ask critical questions about the operations of their financial institutions, and if evidence has been presented that a deal was made, but not everyone was playing by the rules, than those deals need to be looked at again. It is not good enough any longer to say, if it doesn’t affect “me” than, I’m not getting involved. We have a duty to one another as Americans, and more importantly as human beings, to care about truth and justice. What’s more, apathy, so long as we are not affected, is a short lived consolation. Ultimately, this crisis will affect everyone …” http://uleak.it/?3tj
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