Hoagland Update on Norway Spiral/Missile Test

Richard Hoagland has just published part two of his analysis of the Norway Spiral phenomenon and it's link to the Russian missile test that "went bad". Turns out, the test was quite a success afterall. Read on to see where the research is leading. 2010 could become quite an interesting year indeed.

A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway?
Part II
by Richard C. Hoagland

While we at Enterprise have independently proven to our satisfication that the Russians did, indeed, launch a missile from the White Sea that Wednesday morning ... and, that the tell-tale signs of that event were unquestionable captured on both Norwegian images and videos of the Spiral and its aftermath--

What we have not established by this analysis is any physical evidence that the Bulava was, in fact, directly involved in the generation of the Spiral.

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