MERS: The Big Secret the Banks don't want You to Know

The complete and utter fraud that is the United States Congress and the Corporate Elites who own it does not want you to know the truth. The truth is that the Banks got so greedy in handing out mortgages to anyone who could fog a mirror in their continual quest for fat CEO bonuses, they neglected to follow the law, basic property law that has been in place since the signing of the Magna Carta.

This result is this: if you have a mortgage and are current on your payments, chances are that you will not get free-and-clear title to your property when you pay it off. If you have been foreclosed upon, chances are very high that your right to due process has been violated and that you may be able to get your home back without any further mortgage payments. If you are about to go into or are currently in the foreclosure process and you challenge the foreclosure in court as invalid, you might very likely own your home outright with no further payments to the banksters.

This is the time for the American people to stand up to the greedy banks!

Although the great mass of the defrauded Americans have not yet realized it, the current situation is such that there is a strong possibility, if not to say probability that mortgage-paying homeowners may be able to get out of their mortgage loan and keep their house, without any further payment.

All any victim has to do is to demand, in writing, that the banks and lending agencies produce legal proof (which because of the slicing and dicing of mortgages and the resale of these bits and pieces far and wide is totally impossible) of title ownership, no one can legally evict them and should this happen, all of the parties involved would become instant targets for successful and destructive law suits.


For more info on MERS and Foreclosuregate, please see http://chinkinthearmor.net

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