A Global Pandemic of Fear

A pandemic of fear-mongering is sweeping the planet. Now that the color-coded terror alerts have ended, something else must take its place to keep the global population afraid and complacent. Amidst the cries and screams, do you feel like that lonely lab rat in a cage who is wondering when the lab tech is going to open up the door and take you out for a similar fate?

You don't need to.

As David Icke explains it in 'The Matrix of Illusion' (see our video channel on YouTube), fear creates a low, dense vibrational state -- the opposite of the state you need to be in during this time of transition! If you wish to break out fear mode and expand consciousness from a higher vibratory state, consider Yoga and meditation as excellent starting points. The Powers That Be (TPTB)/Dark Forces, want you to remain in a state of fear so that you cannot complete the transformation of consciousness. Part of this is because the Elites know that in order to survive the end of the Age of Oil, a massive global die-off will be required to bring the plant back to a sustainable human population. Vaccines are just a part of how that die-off will occur. If your goal is to bridge the coming transition, then preparing now is most essential, not only spiritually, but materially as well. See the New Matrix BookStore for details on how to get started.

Nurses Sick from Swine Flu Vaccine in Sweden
RedSkins Cheerleader Crippled for Life after being Vaccinated
Autism Rates Double in Children as Vaccines Poison an Entire Generation

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