Another Chance for Togetherness

If you've never read the astrological work of Bill Herbst, please be sure to check it out. His columns can often be found in issues of The Mountain Astrologer, but his writings can also be followed on his website at billherbst.com

What's impressed me most about Bill is his excellent analysis of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto alignment. This alignment caused much upheaval during the 1960's, but as Bill predicts, that was nothing compared to what's coming during the 2009-2012 period. Check his 3-part series out.

Here's a clip from one of his recent newsletters...

Let us put aside for a moment the various and increasing political and economic absurdities that grow ever more surreal with each passing month and instead talk amongst ourselves about a longing that emerges from a gentler part of our core humanity. I’m speaking of the need for togetherness, the experience of flowing in harmony with others and feeling like a member in good standing of the sharing club. Aloneness is the yang to the yin of togetherness, and it is an equally primary need. To feel whole and balanced, human beings need to be alone and together in alternation, flowing from one to the other and back again without restraint or coercion.

View the rest of this newsletter at http://billherbst.com/News114.pdf

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