Showdown in Chicago starts Monday

Oh, this is going to be interesting. It wasn't that long ago that the "Battle in Seattle" kicked off the people's movement against Globalism. Just a short while later, 9/11 happened, war cranked up into high gear, and the Dark Forces clamped down on all forms of dissent.

Could the "Showdown in Chicago" be catalyst for more government suppression against ordinary folks who are getting sicked and tired of being off-shored, ripped off, lied to, and oppressed? What kind of sudden catastrophe do the Corporations and their government henchmen have in store in response to a peoples' uprising?

Could this be the "emotional release" event that the web bots have been pointing to?

The Movement Against the Banks

By Ruth Conniff
The Progressive

A massive rally in Chicago next week aims to express public displeasure with the massive bank bailout outside the American Bank Association annual meeting. Protesters will converge at 11:30 on Monday, October 26, at 301 North Water Street, where the meeting is taking place.
"The same financial institutions that caused the economic crisis and took billions in taxpayer bailouts are back to earning incredible profits," rally organizers—including Public Citizen, the AFL-CIO, and Change to Win—declare. "Meanwhile, Americans face shrinking pensions, rising foreclosures and unemployment, state budget cuts, predatory lending, outrageous overdraft fees, and sky-high credit card interest rates."
Protesters will demand oversight and accountability and reforms that would rein in the banks. It is an important moment, since Congress takes up regulatory legislation, including the idea of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, this month.

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