Web Bots predict big changes during coming week

I've been following Clif High's web bots project over the past 4 or so years, and they've proven to be highly accurate. As with all forms of divination (in this case, computer generated), the picture given is never crystal clear, but often closely mirrors what is going to occur.

Here is the latest call with some possibilities that could transpire over the coming week. Be sure to look for the headline under the Friday, October 23 entry if you visit the site any time after the 23rd:

One Trading Day Till....What?
We've got - from when the market opens in NY this morning - only about 6½ trading hours to go until we get to the long-awaited October 25/26 emotional turning which is due to take place according to the work out of www.halfpasthuman.com. If you're a newbie, the general concept is that changes in language tend to precede changes in reality and for quite some time, in fact on the other of months and months, we have been looking at the period we're just coming into as when 'emotional tensions releasing' turn back into 'emotional tensions building'.

The modeling of events suggests that whatever is going to happen will arise out of 'globalpop' which means the center of the buzz amongst humans will not be limited to a few trading wonks; it'll be something big and something that will be on the tips of people's tongues by next Friday worldwide.  A quick check of the kind of events that could fit the linguistics...

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