Assange takes out "History Insurance"

Julian Assange by Martina Haris
In a Twitter dated November 25, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange posted a link to a torrent file that he calls "history insurance" should anything unexpected happen to the elusive publisher of the whistleblowing website as a result of his recent publication of over 250,000 classified diplomatic cables between U.S. diplomats and their foreign counterparts.

The Twitter update at http://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/7962849636786176 posts a link to a torrent file on thepiratebay.org When downloaded, the torrent file accesses a 1.38GB data file, the contents of which are unknown at this time.
Assange has stated that a key to the encrypted file will be released to those who have downloaded the file should anything untoward happen to him or his website.

On Thursday evening, WikiLeaks.org's domain registrar shut down the domain, forcing WikiLeaks to move to a new domain: WikiLeaks.ch

Further details of this developing story are forthcoming...

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