U.S. State Dept. Threatens to Blackball Columbia U. Students

Further evidence of the U.S. Government's desperate, ham-handed and ultimately futile reaction to the WikiLeaks documents release. If they keep it up, the USA will very quickly earn the reputation of a third-world, backwater dictatorship, making it a pariah state along with the likes of Burma, North Korea and Iran. How quickly one-time enemies can be sudden bed-fellows, no?

Our recommendation to Columbia students: Pass the WikiLeaks information far and wide -- IF you wish to retain a USA that's worth working for.

State Dept. Bars Staffers from WikiLeaks, Warns Students

The U.S. State Department has imposed an order barring employees from reading the leaked WikiLeaks cables. State Department staffers have been told not to read cables because they were classified and subject to security clearances. The State Department’s WikiLeaks censorship has even been extended to university students. An email to students at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs says: "The documents released during the past few months through Wikileaks are still considered classified documents. [The State Department] recommends that you DO NOT post links to these documents nor make comments on social media sites such as Facebook or through Twitter. Engaging in these activities would call into question your ability to deal with confidential information, which is part of most positions with the federal government."

Source: Democracy Now!

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