Wikileaks and the Worldwide Information War

The following piece is one of the most intelligent and holistic analyses of the significance of the WikiLeaks documents that I have seen. It is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to cut through the often conflicting and convoluted reactions that are floating about on the 'net these days. Read on...

Wikileaks and the Worldwide Information War
Power, Propaganda, and the Global Political Awakening

by Andrew Gavin Marshall
The recent release of the 250,000 Wikileaks documents has provoked unparalleled global interest, both positive, negative, and everywhere in between. One thing that can be said with certainty: Wikileaks is changing things.

There are those who accept what the Wikileaks releases say at face value, largely due to the misrepresentation of the documents by the corporate-controlled news.

There are those who see the documents as authentic and simply in need of proper interpretation and analysis.

Then there are those, many of whom are in the alternative media, who approach the leaks with caution and suspicion.

There are those who simply cast the leaks aside as a ‘psy-op’ designed to target specific nations that fit into U.S. foreign policy objectives. Finally, then, there are those who deplore the leaks as ‘treason’ or threatening ‘security’. Of all the claims and notions, the last is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous. This essay aims to examine the nature of the Wikileaks releases and how they should be approached and understood. If Wikileaks is changing things, let’s hope people will make sure that it changes things in the right direction.

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  1. It's already apparent that the leaks have had a huge impact. Especially on South American countries. They've been given an insight into what The U.S wants from them and the contempt shown for the processes of how to go about getting at there resources. The fact that only 20 or so delegates showed up for the Can Cun summit clearly indicate this. Bolivia and Equadors massive salt lakes are a rich source of Lithium,forcing those countries into signing agreements that have little future benefit seems to be the emphasis.