Plan 'B'

Time monk Clif High of Halfpasthuman.com just released the following. With TPTB's planned Israel/Iran war nixed, now they are moving on to Plan B: WWIII from the Korean peninsula.

Plan 'B'

Clif High

They, the powers that used to be, are trying it again. 

You know, the whole 'problem, response, solution' thing that they use to control large numbers of mostly hypnotized people on this planet. They create a 'problem' that causes you to go into fear mode which is chemically triggered by the R-complex in your lower brain matrix, and then they control you through your emotions by manipulating events such that you agree to give them your power in exchange for them providing a 'solution' to the 'problem' that they caused. 

They had thought that their 'israel versus iran' problem would be sufficient to lever the planetary populace into a middle east focused global war. It did not work since so many of us were watching for so long.
Note, and you may certainly argue with me, that the planetary populace focus on the potential for a [nu-war] beginning with the [israeli mistake] has contributed to the destruction of potential emotional energy for that war to exist. Also note i am not saying anything more than words from hph *participated* in the process of grounding that potential war. It works on an energetic level beyond the condensate matter plane which is the 'place' where your body, the planet, universe and all the pies exist. It works at this energetic level by concentrating 'attention' which is a form of 'directly focused consciousness (note...little 'c' consciousness, not BIG 'C"). This directly focused consciousness acts as a spot light may act on a particularly vulnerable area of a house, which is to say, preventing burglary and other mischief due to the 'exposure' to the whole neighborhood. 

So they fell back to Plan 'B'..... also please note that tptw (the powers that were) undoubtedly have Plan B as a bolded statement in their minds. This is due to their whole attitude of "we are the grown-ups in this world" and we have 'really really serious plans'. Yeah..right (sarcastic derision here).
The Plan B, it appears, is to generate a war between amongst the Korean peoples.


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