JFK: Assange's Thermonuclear Device?

Julian Assange, on the eve of his arrest, announced a public link to a 1.4GB encrypted data file named "insurance" that he called a "thermonuclear device". He promised that a public key will be released to all those who have downloaded the file if and when something untoward should happen to him.

Now a hint at that "thermonuclear device" has been revealed in the form of a wallpaper graphic on the wikileaks website.

On the shelves at the back of the room and in the safe the side wall, words describing the leaks that have already been revealed are depicted in white bold 3D letters. But look closely at the top shelf. There is a locked black case, with a label on the side: 'JFK'. And underneath that same shelf, there appears to be a large, secure case, perhaps suitcase nuke?

Could this information be the "thermonuclear device" that Assange referred to before his arrest? Should WikiLeaks have information on President John F. Kennedy's death and our own nation's complicity in his assassination, that would blow the doors wide open and permanently damage the trust that the people have in these United States of America.

Think this is far-fetched? Consider the recent biographical article on Assange by CNN and note the section where he mentions chess. Assange is well-known to be highly intelligent and a cunning strategist. When you get into the business of leaking classified info, it's quite obvious that you need to have a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card just in case you get caught.

This story is developing into a great game indeed!

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